Corporate Governance

This section of our website provides you with information on the composition of our Board of Directors and relevant committees, the charters of the committees of our Board and our code of business conduct.

NxStage is committed to effective corporate governance and adherence to the highest ethical standards in its work. These commitments permeate our Company at all levels and are reflected in our interactions with stockholders, corporate partners, employees, consultants and advisors, and the community.

We have high expectations of our employees and demand that they behave with integrity in everything they do. NxStage employees, including its executive team, are expected to comply with applicable laws, regulations and company policies. Any concerns related to such compliance will be taken seriously and dealt with expeditiously. We believe that a fundamental commitment to integrity, high-quality innovation combined with operational discipline is essential for building a successful company. We are committed to these principles and maintaining the utmost trust and confidence of our stockholders.